Some people asked me how I made the typer effect in this graphic. So here’s a tutorial! Just saying that this might need your patience especially if you’ve got a lot of word to “type”! 

Ok let’s start it :)

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i am eating yellow watermelon save me


↳ I’ve compiled a list of my FAVOURITE NAMES, both male and female, which I consider to be unique. Meanings, origins and some possible nicknames are also included. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful!

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fanfiction should be taken a lot more seriously as literature. True, some of it isn’t really excellent writing and some is just smut but let me tell you i have read some fics that are beautifully well done and turned my life upside down and legitimately gave me feelings for days and if that’s not real literature then what is


joerps attempts a gradient pack - 01
This is my first gradient pack so they aren't the greatest but I'm still pretty proud of them. They're based off of six songs from Lana Del Rey's new album, "Ultraviolence" and you can edit and use them all you'd like, I would just rather you didn't repost them.
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Character PSD #O1 by lexaofrp part 3 in my 'BECKY' series | download
  • Comes with a gradient found here named ‘YOU LOST ME’
  • It’s separated very neatly into groups 
  • The fonts I used are Futura Condensed Medium and Florence Regular.
  • No idea where I got the ribbons from but if you want them I can submit them to you or something. They are definitely not mine and I don’t take credit for them.
  • You may edit for personal use but do not edit and redistribute or redistribute in general.
  • Credit is not needed but please do not claim as your own.
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PSD file #709 Like or reblog if you download, please (It’s very important). Adjust the layers if you need. Downloadhere


↳ In the download link below you will find 3,158 small medium to high quality gifs of JUSTIN BIEBER This is my own personal collection, which grows every day. I downloaded several downloads, but I’ve also saved these myself, but there are several different names going on there. A like or reblog would be amazing if using, I spent hours going through and deleting as many copies as I could find, as well as resizing the gives to be under 1 mb. DOWNLOAD HERE.