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helping since may '13 // hey, i'm selena gomez & you're watching disney channel. i'm just playing did i get ya? anyway, i'm sydney and i'm a roleplay helper. i'm basically here to help you with your general roleplay needs but also photoshop, html and yeah you get the gist of what i'm saying here. check my wid & "answered" tag before requesting, gracias. mwah. +


psd no.7 - drizzle

  • for drizzle, my wonderful chum
  • please like/reblog if using
  • download here


  • fonts: muggle news (left), ocr a extended (right)
  • features: customization for different houses and year groups
  • tips: looks best when you use images of your fc which have a black background, or if you use a transparent png

Downloading, reassembling and reposting this components of this psd as your own is stealing. If you steal, redistribute or claim my work as your own I will feed you to nagini/make it public.  (◕‿◕✿)

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the funniest thing during that episode was Jordan’s face when he thought he was worth 5 dollars


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So this was requested by my lovely Stephanie. 

  • Don’t steal this or claim as your own, I worked hard on it so don’t be mean. And don’t make something from scratch that looks exactly like this or really close to it, it’s not cool at all and I don’t encourage it, neither does anyone else. I legit worked on this for two hours looking for everything I wanted etc. So just, don’t be uncool. 

  • The PSD used isn’t mine. Credit to the makers of the fonts and icons used. The font that is used is Arial.

  • It’s just like extremely simple considering what I have made in the past, any questions about it, just let me know! 

  • Please like/reblog if this has helped in any way. 

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Under the cut are ## HQ GIFs of PEOPLE MOVING TO AND FROM PLACES ranging in size from small to medium. No GIFs were made by me, all credit goes to the original owners, and I apologize for any repeats. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful.


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↳ In this gif hunt you'll find #425 gifs of the precious Taylor Schilling. All are small, medium, and HQ. Oh, and did I mention textless? Although, there may be a few slip ups. None of these gifs were made by me with the exception of two. If you plan on downloading, please like or reblog. And if you'd like to request another face claim, just shoot me an ask. You can download this gif hunt here


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i'm writing a last minute app haha super rec!!

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gradient pack by sydney

i was listening to music on spotify & wanted to make some gradients??? i think these are pretty cute tbh (especially the first & third) so yeah have fun with these i guess [download]



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no.. seriously, go apply.

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